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Hisociety Brandname

Hisociety Brandname

LG Floor
Daily 12.00-20.30
Tel : 087-812-3123
E-mail : joyjoinjoy@gmail.com

, hisociety.brandname.8@gmail.com
Website : www.hisociety-brandname.com

ID Line : Hisocietybrandname

Bags lover must love HISOCIETY Brandname.
HISOCIETY Brandname carefully selects top quality authentic secondhand branded Bags and accessories to fulfill the client’s satisfaction and desire. The price is reasonable when compared with the quality. All of items are at 90% perfection and were selected by Joy – Chonticha Praditwattana, the owner who is passionate about bags. Louis Vuitton, Lady Dior, Chanel, Hermes and etc, are in here. Moreover, customers are able to pre-order firsthand bag from Europe as well. Latest, the shop now sells high quality diamond, such as ring, earring and etc.

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