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1st Floor
Daily: 10.00-21.00
Tel : 02-714-9351
E-mail : contact@shakastyles.com
Website: www.shakastyles.com

Shaka is the fashion brand that young women will love. Our distinction is driven by our people and their tireless journey for fashion and style. Shaka means Buddha in Japanese. We’re strong in variety of fabrics, making creative cuts, using innovative sewing techniques to capture spirits of bold and fresh inspirations. We design for, produce and retail dresses, blouses, pants and overalls. We also have all the other knickknacks to make for our customer’s perfect look.

Working in 2000 with London-based design team, we carved our mark as Shaka London. Chatree Tengha, Thailand’s Young Designer Award winner, would later join us to this day as our lead designer. We took on the name Shaka in 2013, when we established our new identity; with core values being individuality, experimentation, whimsicality and liveliness. Branching out are the new production lines of elegant evening gowns for special occasions, Shaka Bloom; and snug, cosy, everyday items, Shaka Leisure.

Shaka speaks to strong, spirited women whose hearts are young and tastes for fashion matured. We carry collections for a beautiful, active lifestyle; Seize the day! We focus on bringing in fun, bright side of cosmopolitan lives where there’s business upfront and, straight after, there’re party nights.

We recognize that fashion is a process of self discovery, and that has become our statement. We believe that when we make quality clothing, ones which bring out each person’s individuality, then fashion becomes more than something you wear.

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