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The Vintage Store

The Vintage Store

G Floor
Daily 10.30-20.00
Tel : 02-713-8548
E-mail : shop@thevintagestorebkk.com

Money can buy you an alligator skin Rossmore PM clutch from Louis Vuitton’s 2013 collection, but probably not an LV Pochette Curry Black and Gold clutch, which came out years ago. Worse still, it was discontinued. There’s still a glimmer of hope though. If lucky, you may find it on display alongside other vintage gear at the Vintage Store at Eight Thonglor some day.
Vintage chic has a cult following among Bangkok’s discerning fashionistas, Bang-onsiri Veerapong included. The feisty owner of the Vintage Store has always been at the forefront of Bangkok’s vintage retail trade scene with her shop being the first and probably the only such outlet in town. Okay, there’s a plethora of second-hand fashion stores out there, but none really knows what the term “vintage” is or is qualified as a vintage boutique. Given the apparent absence of competitors, it must have been a bumper year for the Vintage Store.
On the surface, vintage fashion may look like a small niche market. But it’s an exclusive crowded world of retro chic that’s been kept turning by the power of purchase, desire and absurdity.

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